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Emily's small business help

Please help Emily start up her business as she is the sole support due to her husbands medical issues

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Virginia, Minnesota

My story. I am married mom of 3 with a full time job and a hobby business. I pretty much stumbled into this business. In August of 2015,  4 months after I got married, my husband passed out at an outdoor concert. He proceeded to have a seizure. This was out of no where with no reason to it. Since then, we have tried to find a reason for his passing out, brain pain and constant headaches that have followed his seizure. He continues to have a seizure every now and then. I've been to countless doctor appointments missing work and having a stress level of 10.  On top of the daily struggles of parenting 3 children, my daughter is experiencing mental challenges that are severe themselves. I have everything on my shoulders mentally, emotionally and financially and that is harder than anyone can imagine. But I still get up everyday with a smile on face and go to work despite my many challenges and obstacles.  

How my business started. In November 2015, after realizing that my husband just wasn't going to go back to work, I needed to find an outlet to relieve my stress. There is just no end to my husbands illness. I went shopping on Black Friday and bought a bunch of Christmas bulbs. I decided I wanted to make a wreath from these bulbs. It took me 3 days as I can be a bit of a perfectionist. Once I was done, I posted a picture on Facebook. All my friends loved it and several of them asked if I could make them one. So, I did and charged them and that's how everything began. Since then, I've bought hundreds of dollars worth of supplies, storage containers to organize everything, spent money on craft shows and most importantly, spent many hours and weekends away from my family creating product and selling at shows. 

I love making the holiday wreaths I make. It is very relaxing and getting out of the house is even better. I have grown by leaps and bounds since November 2015. I look for people to tell me how great my products are and love meeting and making new buyers and clients. At this point, my only hinder is the inability to expand and grow my business due to financial restrictions. I have to be able to pay all my families bills, make sure everyone has clothes and shoes and personal items, keep everyone fed and try to keep my house in working order. I'm looking for donations so that I can pay for more shows, maybe even travel to further shows to increase my profit and customer base. I'm not looking for a hand out. I want to grow this business, get more customers, buy new supplies, get more tall storage units and create more new exciting products and make this a completely profitable business in 2017. Can you help me do that?  

Thanks for your time and reading.