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All donations are made through the payment processing. When your account is created with  , you are automatically set up with a  account in order to accept donations.

As people make donations with credit cards like, Visa, Mastercard and Discover, there are credit card fees that are charged by the respective credit card companies. These fees are paid out by from the 2.9% processing fee (30 cents per donation) on all donations made.

Your total fees on donations is 7.9% +30 cents per donation (including the HelpaFund 5% fee).

Once your campaign is set up, you will confirm your account with . You can collect the funds on behalf of someone else. Like a family friend or relative, or designate a beneficiary for the funds raised. You choose this in the Get Funded step by choosing either: ‘Myself’ or ‘Someone Else’. If you choose a beneficiary, they will have to confirm an email sent by . Whether your campaign has a beneficiary or is run by you, there will have to be a bank account set up to send the withdraws to.

Due to banking federal regulations, you must set up your first withdraw within 30 days of the first donation being made. If you or the beneficiary do not complete a withdraw request within 30 days, then all funds are remitted back to the donors.