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We have two options to withdraw the funds "myself" or "someone else".

If you would like to withdraw the funds, simply choose the "myself" tab.

, our premier payment platform partner, will send you an email like the following:

You will need to press the "confirm" button in this email. Once you have confirmed your account, simply follow the prompts to complete your withdrawal.

If you would like someone else to withdraw the funds, then choose the "someone else" tab.

A new section will appear. You will be prompted to enter the name and email of the person that will be withdrawing the funds.

Once you have entered the name and email, will send them an email with instructions to their email, asking them to confirm their newly created account and instruct them on how they can make the withdrawal.

It is important that you make sure that the person withdrawing the funds is aware of the tax implications.

Please consult your accountant for further details.